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"A Guide to Citizen Development in Microsoft 365 with Power Platform" is a must-read for professionals, students, educators, and anyone eager to harness the power of Microsoft's products in a modern, hybrid workspace.

🌟 Key Highlights of the Book

Jane Doe: A Story of a Citizen Developer

Learn an AI-assisted framework for better working and easier information discovery by incorporating SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Its products facilitate safe collaboration and efficient document/data management, easing daily tasks and simplifying access level control across enterprises.

Jane Doe, the first citizen developer at New Land University, creates SharePoint sites for varied post-graduate cohorts, enabling seamless collaboration and sharing. Her initiatives enable students, faculty, and external partners, such as mentors and thesis advisors, to efficiently access and use critical information. Jane's program uses Microsoft 365 technologies to alter New Land University's workflow, establishing a connected, collaborative atmosphere. This modification increases information transmission and consumption, simplifies everyday chores for students, faculty, and partners, and promotes decision-making processes.

Jane Doe
Citizen Developer in play

Her initiatives also help New Land University save time and money while also improving its academic reputation and position.

Discover how Jane Doe, New Land University's first citizen developer, leverages Microsoft 365 to build a modern, intelligent workplace where students can access knowledge and communicate with their peers and mentors.

Jane's work as a citizen developer at New Land University exemplifies the transformative power of providing individuals with the tools and platforms to innovate. Her contributions to the use of Microsoft 365 services have not only improved operations but also built a collaborative and efficient culture across the university.

The hierarchical architecture of SharePoint Online—Tenants, Farms, Site Collections, and Sites—improves content organization and collaboration. This book assists Jane in creating a SharePoint site and covers web elements, functionality, and Hub sites, which are necessary for Intranet design. Practical examples show readers how to use SharePoint Online and OneDrive to improve collaboration and data management.

Solidified Groundwork

Learn Power Fx, a spreadsheet-like approach to a language that simplifies data manipulation, logic creation, and UI design, democratizing the app development process by implementing common Excel spreadsheet formulae in Power Platform.

In-depth look at Power Fx, which streamlines app design with Excel-like formulas and auto-updating data. Its user-friendly, data-binding, low-code setup, and context-responsive design appeal to users of all skill levels, enabling dynamic, scalable programs such as Jane Doe's canvas app in Power programs, including a code snippet for hands-on experience.

Learn the intricacies of Power Fx and how to create real-time solutions using Power Automate integration in Power Apps. Jane, as a Citizen Developer, uses Power Automate with Power Fx in Power Apps to streamline workflows and demonstrate creativity and automation in actual applications.

Jane Doe evolves into a Citizen Developer, learning Power Fx to construct business apps with Power Apps' canvas app and integrating workflows with Power Automate. She gradually builds and improves her skills on the Power Platform as she addresses Newland University's referral program needs.

Jane Doe has taken a significant leap, effortlessly utilizing sophisticated application development in Power Apps, intricate workflow automation in Power Automate, and integrating custom code using Power Fx. Her journey, characterized by continuous learning, leadership, and adaptability, propels digital transformation and innovation at Newland University.

📘 Why Read This Book?

  • Empower Yourself and Your Team: Learn how to proficiently use Microsoft 365 apps, development tools, administration, and security features.
  • Stay Ahead in the Digital Transformation Race: Understand the role of Microsoft 365 in digital transformation across various sectors.
  • Enhance Your Productivity and Well-being:Discover how Microsoft 365 can improve employee experiences, productivity, and well-being.

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"A Guide to Citizen Development in Microsoft 365 with Power Platform" is more than just a book; it's a journey into the future of work and innovation. Whether you're looking to enhance your skills, lead your team more effectively, or simply stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology, this book is your key to unlocking new possibilities.

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"A Guide to Citizen Development in Microsoft 365 with Power Platform" offers a guide to harnessing the power of Microsoft's versatile platform for beginners and seasoned professionals. Whether you want to streamline business processes, develop robust applications, or stay updated with Microsoft 365's ever-evolving ecosystem, this book is your ultimate companion. Dive in to thrive in the digital age!

This book covers:

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Ecosystem: Provides insights into the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and the Power Platform.
  • Cloud Computing and Citizen Development: Offers a succinct explanation of cloud computing, cloud services, deployment strategies, and the role of citizen development in bridging digital transformation gaps.
  • Microsoft 365 Services Overview: Delves into the diverse services of Microsoft 365, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, guiding readers on enhancing productivity and collaboration.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps: Introduces design thinking, utilization of whiteboard templates, and productivity tools like Forms, Sway, Bookings, OneNote, and Planner.
  • Power Fx Introduction: Learn Excel-style low-code programming with Power Fx and understand its usage in Power Apps, Dataverse, and Powet Automate.
  • Adaptive Cards: Learn about different categories of cards, their integration with Microsoft Graph, and their application within Teams.
  • Power Apps and Dataverse: Understand canvas and model-driven apps, and explore the functionalities and limitations of Dataverse for Teams.
  • Security, Compliance, and Licensing: Gain foundational knowledge on Cloud Security 101, role-based security within Microsoft 365, shared responsibility, data sovereignty, and Microsoft 365 plans comparison.
  • AI Builder on Power Platform: Dive into prebuilt AI models and their practical applications for the Power Platform.
  • Generative AI and LLM-based Apps: Understand the nuances of Generative AI and LLMs, and explore third-party Power Platform connectors and emerging AI trends in citizen development.

This book guides professionals, students, and educators aiming to leverage Microsoft 365 for real-time hybrid workspaces and collaborative scenarios. It covers various topics from foundational to advanced, ensuring readers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to use Microsoft 365 products and features proficiently.

The book delves into the software development ecosystem, highlighting Microsoft 365's Citizen development as an alternative low-code and no-code solution using Microsoft Teams and Power Platform. It provides a basic understanding of cloud computing and the role of Citizen Development, emphasizing its value in offering short-term IT solutions without replacing traditional IT. The reader is introduced to various Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

The book explores the collaborative features of SharePoint Online and OneDrive and delves into the low-code language Power Fx, Adaptive Cards, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, and Microsoft Dataverse while excluding topics on Power BI and Power Virtual Agents in this first edition. Security, compliance, and licensing within Microsoft 365 are addressed from a Citizen Development viewpoint, albeit not in-depth.   The book further introduces AI and Generative AI components of the Power Platform. Through Jane's experiences, a persona, readers gain insights into challenges faced during Microsoft 365 adoption, focusing on Citizen Development.

Also, targeted at IT admins and developers new to Microsoft 365, the book showcases practical scenarios for enhancing tech-savvy work efficiency and productivity but is not intended for advanced professionals already well-versed in the platform.

Please note that the second edition of this book will include comprehensive coverage of Power BI and Microsoft Copilot Studio (formerly known as Power Virtual Agents).

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